Belvita Soft Baked Banana Bread Breakfast Biscuits

“Our Soft Baked Banana Bread Breakfast Biscuits are so scrumptious you’ll swear your grandma baked them. Each biscuit is made with whole grains and real bananas making your breakfast both nutritious and delicious.”…All of this is true except i grew up on abroad and my grandma was not making banana bread. Nevertheless, I’ve grown to like anything that is banana flavored.
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Because I really enjoy the belvita golden oat breakfast biscuits, I decided to try another product in their breakfast biscuit line. See all of the Belvita products on their website.
This soft baked banana bread is well, okay.  It certainly can’t be compared to the  golden oat breakfast biscuits. This might be like comparing apples to oranges.
In all seriousness I like that the biscuits is full but the taste is truly a 7/10.
Plus there is only one in a pack. This soft baked biscuit does not compete with the golden oat breakfast biscuits. I do appreciate the softness and nutty and bananay taste but not the “full of fiber” taste that comes after.
Sure, if I was extremely hungry this would help…but won’t anything? I do plan on repurchasing this item. I hope to try all the belvita breakfast products.  I am curious about the cinnamon sugar and the Mixed Berry one.
If i have to choose between the golden oat breakfast biscuits and the soft baked banana bread breakfast biscuits, i would choose the golden oat breakfast biscuits 100% of the time for a snack and choose the soft baked banana bread as something that could curb my hunger until lunch.

It’s like a delicious tasting nutrition bar.

Have you tried the Belvita soft baked banana bread breakfast biscuits before? What do you think?
Delicious nutrition bar
Just 1 bar in a pack

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