Compare anything with Diffen

Today, we are highlighting Diffen, an online tool that allows you to compare anything. This is one of our research favorites because you can compare very simple things like, Keurig vs Tassimo or you can compare complex things like, meiosis vs mitosis.

All in all, Diffen aims to provide information that is unbiased, free, concise and easy to understand.

Inspired by Wikipedia and how anyone can edit,  Diffen allows users to edit information.
One reason to like Diffen is that it provides you with unbiased information. Diffen makes it a goal to clearly delineate facts and opinions. It is a wonderful way to do product research. Although users are able to leave their personal ratings and provide their personal comments and opinions, this does not affect the factual information that they provide for comparison.
In our words, Diffen is a lesser Google. Google tells you every single thing about what you are looking for , sometimes with over 100,000 thousand results but Diffen narrows your search down to give you what is essential. Even more, Diffen allows you to compare essential information. Google vs. Yahoo. Yahoo vs. Bing. 401k vs IRA. Tesla vs. Mercedes and so on.
Overall, we believe that Diffen is an excellent place to start before doing more tailored research.
Try it out and let us know what you think.
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