I absolutely love drinking and making tea. But what I love more is the ceremonial feeling of gathering friends and drinking tea.
So you can imagine my excitement when I came across TeaDrops! A company that holds my same values about tea the intimate and communalexperiences of drinking tea. The packing of Tea Drops are an additional plus.The wooden box stands out and it can be reused.

Tea Drops are:

Tea Drops are organic teas that dissolve in your cup. Theteas are made with delicate spices and lightly sweetened with organic canesugar. Tea Drops makes the process for preparing loose lead tea easier. To makethe tea, you only have to add a drop to your hot water.
If you have a friend or colleague who loves loose leaftea, I am sure they will be thrilled to try Tea Drops. At a modest $10 thesampler box is a good place to start.
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